Wednesday, February 20, 2008

IT and Pay Practices

Jules sent me this interesting link about Gartner's study of IT pay practices.

One of the things that I noticed during this last bonus season was, despite all of the sturm and drung in the news, companies managed to come up with the money to handsomely reward its most valued IT employees. Almost all of the people who I know and respect on Wall Street and in The City managed to receive upside surprises on their bonus numbers this year (or if they didn't get it all in bonus, then they got increases in their base).

All of the companies on Wall Street are moving at a rapid pace to nearshore/rightshort/offshore a lot of their IT. This includes my company as well. DLG reports that nearshoring to Panama is working very well for his company. He goes down to Panama every few weeks, sees what his devs are working on, and then returns to the US with a disease that they now use penicillin to cure. But, how do you properly motivate these employees? As Garter says, "Performance management and reward systems will need to recognize and motivate the “out-of-sight” workforce."

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BFrench said...

Thanks for the link, Marc. Another good source of tech pay information is Foote Partners.

Rut the Nut said...

The linked article doesn't actually seem to say much to me.

Well, not much more than the obvious. Am I missing something?