Friday, February 29, 2008

Visualization Vendors and .NET

We have seen a whole slew of enterprise visualization products lately ... Tableau, Spotfire, RTView, and others that I cannot talk about.

Almost none of these vendors have components that can be embedded in a .NET UserControl. Almost all of these visualization suites are complete desktop or web-based apps. Many of these DO NOT deal with real-time, streaming data.

One of the vendors that has addressed the .NET component market is Panopticon. This company is slowly moving beyond there core competency of Heatmaps and are staring to offer various other useful visualizations.

To the visualization vendors who call me and are puzzled why I have not considered their products ... we need .NET components. We have a container that hosts different "applets" that run at the same time, each applet containing a .NET UserControl that, in turn, contain different visualizations.

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