Friday, February 29, 2008

New Coral8 5.2 Released

This is from the Coral8 website. You may recognize some of these enhancements as things that may have been deficiencies when I detailed my use case a few months. Some of the enhancements catch Coral8 up to some of the features that its competitors have. (ie: Bucket Windows)

Good job, boys!


Coral8 Engine Release 5.2 Now Available

Coral8 is pleased to announce the general availability of the Coral8 Engine Release 5.2. It is available for immediate download. The Coral8 Engine

Release 5.2 contains a wide array of new features and enhancements including:

  • Queryable (Public) Windows

  • Automatic Event Causality Tracking in CCL Pattern Queries

  • Single-Match Patterns

  • "Buckets" Window

  • Edit and Debug Perspectives in Studio

  • PAM User-Authentication Plugin

  • Coral8 Portal

  • Custom Charts API

  • Streamlined UI for Managing Dashboards and Users

  • Java 1.5 SDK (Preview)

  • Messaging Layer Improvements

  • Access-Control File Changes

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