Friday, June 20, 2008

Accelerated Computing Solutions

Last year, former colleague Larry Cohen hung out a shingle and formed a consultancy called Accelerated Computing Solutions. The purpose of ACS is to consult on all aspects of hardware acceleration for Wall Street companies.

Larry has an interesting stack lined up for providing acceleration for trading applications. He is especially targeting algo trading.

Larry has done extensive research into the latest companies providing HA (including RapidMind, Intel, Tervela, etc), has formed partnerships with a number of these companies, and he is ready to bring his stack to life. He is looking for financial services companies who would be willing to retain his services in order to apply HA to speed up their trading apps. This might appeal to certain hedge funds who are looking to get an extra edge, and perhaps take advantage of latency arbitrage.

If you are interested in Larry, please go to his website and contact him.

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