Sunday, June 22, 2008

A few links

Scott, who works for me on the Complex Event Processing project, has created a Powershell reader for Coral8 streams.

JOS recommends that I take a look at SCRAMNET. Craig also chimes in with his thoughts (see the comments section on my recent post about Vhayu's HA).

Redmond Developer News has some tidbits from SIFMA about the IT slowdown on Wall Street. Stevan Vidich chimes in with some thoughts on CEP and realtime BI. Jeffrey Schwartz chimes in with some thoughts on Velocity. (Stevan just got a nice promotion at Microsoft. If you are reading this, Stevan ... congrats!)

Robert chimes in with a link to a resignation-letter-writer from some of the employees at Yahoo.

On a personal note, I am going to be involved again in looking at cool and interesting companies that will allow us to make more money. This is why I originally joined my current company, before taking the deep dive into the world of CEP last fall. Now that my CEP team is growing and cooking, I can start to direct part of my thoughts towards other compelling technologies.

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