Friday, June 13, 2008

SSDS and Velocity

I am talking to the SSDS team later today, but after watching some of their webcasts and looking at some of the code examples, I can see an absolutely perfect fit between SSDS and Velocity.

SSDS claims that they are ideal (right now) for apps that do not require ultra-low latency, mainly do the the transmission rates between the remote data center and the app. Velocity can sit right between the app and SSDS, so all data access goes through the cache.

Now, what we need SSDS to do is to asynchronously push updates to the SSDS containers out to the corresponding Velocity cache. This would hopefully minimize cache misses.

If used this way, then Velocity would need to adopt the SSDS concept of "Authority".

Meanwhile, I was very interested in this use of the Amazon S3 cloud by NASDAQ.

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