Saturday, May 16, 2009

HP Notebook Crack - Part 2

The original HP case worker never called me back during the 24 to 72 hour time period that they promised.

After calling back again and going through two more levels of the "gatekeepers", I was transferred to India and assigned a new case worker, who promptly informed me that HP had not yet determined if my laptop fell into the same category as the other 200 models of HP laptops that had the hinge crack problems.

I ended up ordering a new front bezel and some other spare parts from the HP website. I will try to do the repairs myself.

The hinge crack issue, combined with the fact that I have an unbearably noisy fan (with no easy access), makes me think that I will never purchase an HP Laptop again.

I may go back to Dell after a hiatus of several years. The Dell laptops that I have had have been built like tanks.

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Don Demsak said...

I actually had the opposite experience with HP this year. I bought a refurb HP 8510p last year. The place where you plug in the power cable seemed to break (it never registered that the cable was plugged in), even after trying a new power cable. I logged it with HP, they sent a FedEx box, and I had it back the day after I sent it. I was totally blown away with the response time. They got it, fixed it, and returned it all in the same day!

marc said...

The problem is that my laptop is about 120 days out of the one year warranty. But, it takes about a year in order for the Hinge Fatigue to happen.

Hans said...

I had an even worse experience with Dell a couple of years ago and that was in year 2 of the paid warranty extension. I promised myself I'd never buy a Dell again. Their service is so bad that the NY attorney general filed a suit against them for misrepresenting the quality of service to be expected under the warranty.

I always pay the extra hundred and fifty bucks for a 4 year warranty on laptops, it's never been money wasted, except for the horrible Dell experience. So far, my favorite warranty service is Lenovo. But HP also has pretty good service if you get the warranty extension.

Francis Shanahan said...

I think I have Hinge Fatigue. Do they cover human rehabilitation?

gnuga said...

I was wondering what is the real cause of this terrible thing? Is it to heavy?
I hope this amazing tiny HP Mini notebook would not get the same problem.