Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Microsoft CEP - The Unveiling

This announcement is from the Microsoft TechEd site. If you attend this talk, please let me know your impressions. I have been under NDA about this for several months, so I have not blogged at all about the new Microsoft CEP product.

(I guess that the CEP team dropped the code-name and is calling this the All Data Platform ?)

DAT309 Low-Latency Data and Event Processing with Microsoft SQL Server
Presenter: Torsten Grabs
Tue 5/12 | 4:30 PM-5:45 PM | Room 151

While typical relational database applications are query-driven, event-driven applications have become increasingly important. Event-driven applications are characterized by high event data rates, standing queries, and millisecond latency requirements that make it impractical to persist the data in a database before it is processed. These requirements are shared by various scenarios across verticals such as manufacturing, oil and gas, power utilities, financial services as well as IT and data center monitoring. In this session we explore technology from the Microsoft SQL Server flight of products that covers these scenarios and addresses those requirements. The session discusses use cases in depth and explains how key components of the Microsoft All Data Platform can be used to build domain-specific solutions. As part of the session, we also go over various deployment alternatives and key dates of the product roadmap.

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Charles Young said...

My good friend Richard Seroter is making a point of attending this session later today, and will doubtless blog. See http://seroter.wordpress.com/. Microsoft generally provide a heads-up and blogging guidance to their 'influencers' community about 48 hours in advance of announcements, but I have not seen anything on the wire this time around, so it is currently very unclear exactly what information they are releasing or what we can talk about. I'll try to clarify.


Hey Mark, interesting feedback from Richard's post indeed. Am curious if you'll be evaluating MSFT's CEP offering?