Tuesday, October 18, 2005

Just who do you think you are!

My trip through the world of IT has been a long and strange one. Some of you have wondered about the man behind the curtain. I will attempt to give some of the bullet points of my 20 year career in IT, a tiny bit at a time.

Here we go.. first installment....

1) Education
PS 117 - Briarwood, Queens
JHS 217 - Briarwood, Queens
Stuyvesant High School - NYC
(BS) State Univ of New York at Albany - double major in CompSci and Music
(MS) University of Arizona - Tucson, Az
(post grad work) - Courant Institute of Mathematics, New York University

The post-grad work was actually an attempt to get my doctorate in Computer Science, but NYU turned out to be a terribly wrong choice of schools. I was saddled with an advisor who had not published in 20 years. I saw that most of the PHD students had been there for 5 years or more, and I did not want to be free labor for a non-publishing professor. So, I bolted...

...Part 2 next

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