Friday, October 07, 2005


I must have my head up my rectum to have not noticed the Mini-Microsoft blog that is causing such a sensation. My Finetix colleague, Matt, keeps me on my toes with all of the great sites that he mentions in his blog. I had no idea of all of the negative feelings about MS from within its ranks.

For the record, I did consulting for Microsoft back in the late 1980's and early 90's, even being a contributing editor for their MSJ magazine for a while. Even back then, Microsoft was fairly cheap with the buck. They liked to work off of fixed-price contracts, and tried to get me to put in more functionality under the radar screen (ie: more features for no money). However, it was great to be involved with Microsoft during the salad days.

However, writing for MSJ was a different story. Great rates for articles. Plus, Tony Rizzo and Eric Maffei used to treat the NYC-based writers like royalty. I even got to have dinner with Bill Gates (more on that in a later posting). What a great crew of people! Charles Petzold, Ross Greenberg, and Greg Comeau. Miss you guys!

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