Sunday, October 23, 2005

New Project Starts

Monday, Oct 24 is the start of a new project. The reengineering of a credit derivatives workstation for a tier-one bank.

We will try to introduce Scrum to the New York office of this bank. I think that they will be receptive towards it, given the success of our counterparts in the London office.

.NET front-end, Java middle-tier, Sybase database. Web Services between the tiers.

This is the second major project that I will be involved with that involves a Java middle tier. At least .NET seems to be getting some major traction within financial services. I just hope that Microsoft doesn't mess things up too badly when they introduce Visual Studio .NET 2005. I have read internal reports from Microsoft employees that claim that VS 2005 is a dog.

Too bad that WCF has not been back-ported to .NET 1.1. We could probably use it on this project for some of the workflow components. We are probably going to look at NxBRE and JxBRE for a cross-platform rules engine.

Wish us luck.

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David Dossot said...


I do not know where you are in the process of evaluating NxBRE and JxBRE. If you need help for it, do not hesitate to ask.

David (NxBRE Lead)