Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Pair Interviewing

We have started to do pair interviewing in my current job. One of the best interviews that I ever had was a CSFB, where I was in a room with 6 people for a 2 hour grilling. One person would ask a question, I would answer, then another person would pick up on that thread and delve deeper.

I am certainly an advocate of team interviews... for some reason, I think that it is less stressful for a candidate to be in a room with several people, realizing that he does not have to bounce from person to person, giving the same recap of his career over and over again. It also gives the interviewers a chance to feed off of eachother, and to see how the other person conducted interviewing at other jobs. Between my colleague and I, we have probably interviewed 500 .NET candidates over the past few years.

Interviewing hint of the day - If you are a .NET developer, please know what a ViewState is.

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