Monday, November 27, 2006

Free Market Data

Free ECN real-time data from OpenTick.

Very cheap ($1) monthly fees for some other data.

They have APIs in various languages, including C# for .Net 2.0. This seems like a good way to test that async data handling part of a framework. Here is some example docs for one of their calbacks:

static void onQuote(OTQuote quote)
Provides real-time and historical quotes.

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1 comment:

Robert Maldon said...

I'm not very impressed with the OpenTick terms and conditions. If I choose the exchange-fee-free options - historical data, non-professional - I have to agree that OpenTick can give just 24 hour notice to search my computer and confiscate it if they don't like what I do with their data.

Who said there was such a thing as a free streaming market data service? :)