Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Getting Started with CAB

It looks like, for various reasons that shall accompany me to the grave, we will be bootstrapping the "top part" of our client-side framework with Microsoft's Composite Application Block. I am excited to finally be given the chance to learn CAB, and to lead the team doing the new client-side framework for my investment bank.

I will try to document my learning process with CAB so that I can save my successors some pain.

Installation of CAB and Accessories

Download and install the following files in order (make sure to install GAX before installing GAT):

1) Download Composite Application Block for C# (CAB)
2) Download Enterprise Library 2006 (EntLib)
3) Download the Guidance Automation Extensions (GAX)
4) Download the Guidance Automation Toolkit (GAT)
(At this point, before installing the Smart Client Software Factory, you must build CAB using the CompositeUI.sln solution file located in the directory C:\Program Files\Microsoft Composite UI App Block\CSharp. You must also close Visual Studio before installing SCSF.)
5) Download the Smart Client Software Factory (June 2006 version) (SCSF)
6) Download the CAB Hands-on Lab
7) Download the Intro to CAB document and the CAB help files (you might want to create shortcuts on the desktop for these files.)
8) Download the Sample Visualizations

If you have problems uninstalling GAX or GAT, read this.


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Class Hierarchy

Here is a diagram of the major classes in CAB:

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