Saturday, November 11, 2006

Tourist Warning : City Pride

While staying in Canary Wharf last week, a colleague from Microsoft and I went to the City Pride pub, which is one of the few pubs around the area, and close to the Hilton.

After sitting at a table for 15 minutes, and not being served, some kind soul told us that you actually has to go up to the bar to order your beers. (Warning #1). We Americans like to be coddled, and demand waitress service.

Then I ordered a Black and Tan (Guiness and Bass, standard fare at any Irish pub in New York). The bartender had no idea what I was talking about (Warning #2).

To top it off, the bartender gave me the bill, and said that we could feel free to add a tip onto it ... which I did (a 10%, 2 Pound tip) (Warning #3 ... I was told the next day never to tip the bartender).

I guess this was my Lost In Translation moment that every tourist has when visiting a foreign country .... even though Bush treats Britain as our 51st state. (Yo Blair!)

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Deglan said...

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