Sunday, March 18, 2007

Microsoft - You're Almost There

I went out to the Microsoft MVP Summit as one of the 20 or so specially invited "Industry Influencers"... which means two things. First, we are supposed to be able to influence Microsoft's future directions. Second, we are supposed to be shown the love by Microsoft so that we can buy lots more products.

What I came away with was that

1) Microsoft is stil very much focused on the desktop and the world of two-tier apps.

2) There are a lot of parts that can be assembled into a killer stack for cap markets, but that there is no overall strategy to congeal the parts.

3) Microsoft needs to look beyond its borders to what is happening in the industry, and to integrate better with third parties.

I get the feeling that we are on the cusp of an incredible stack from Microsoft, but the parts needs to be put together in a cohensive manner. Mike Walker is charged with providing reference architectures for the financial vertical, but Mike needs some assistence from us in understanding the trading stack.

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