Wednesday, March 21, 2007

New York XTC Club

Mike Roberts hosts the monthly meeting of the New York XTC club, held on Tuesdays at some place that serves an awful lot of Belgian beers. This is a good excuse to make the trek into NYC on a Tuesday.

By the way, XTC stands for "eXTreme Chugging" ... but seeing what kind of state Mike was in, it probably stands for "eXTreme Chundering".

Congrats to Mike for leaving Finetix and taking a new position. A long time coming...

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1 comment:

Mike Roberts said...

Note to all. Drinking Delirium Tremens at the end of the evening is a bad, bad, idea.

I'll have you know that I have the constitution of an ox and there was no illness on my part.

Now if I can only get this pick axe out of my skull everything will be fine.