Friday, March 23, 2007

Windows Workflow and Auto-Execution?

In preparation for Joe's lecture next week on Windows Workflow Foundation (WF), I am reading a book by Kenn Scribner that just came out on Microsoft Press.

WF has a rule-based workflow engine. I am wondering how application this would be for auto-execution engines.

Also, the middle-office guys have asked me if WF can be used to replace Fuego. I don't know anything about Fuego, but hopefully, Joe can answer this.

I am most excited to see how I can integrate WF with the .NET client framework that my team is writing. I know that Merrill Lynch is doing a lot of things with WF, so it looks like there are some good use cases in the capital markets sector. OMS's? EMS's?

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Michel said...

WF foundation is a good idea for a lot of flows in an investment bank. But is it ready for short running low latency high throughput stuff that execution and order management generally requires? I doubt it but would be interested in hearing other peoples experience.