Monday, March 26, 2007

News from the Front

Wall Street Tech writes on the hardware arms race going on now in Wall Street. According to the article, names evaluating hardware acceleration include Merrill Lynch (IBM Cell processor), Citigroup, and Mellon Financial.

Oracle just bought out Tangasol. I predict a Microsoft/Gemstone deal in order to make the Windows CCS stack a bit more attractive. You heard it here first. Gemstone just came out with a native .NET implementation of Gemfire, so it probably makes much sense for Microsoft to gobble them up before Oracle uses the .NET version of Tangasol as a lever to sell more Oracle DBs into Wall Street.

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cameron said...

Possibly, but many of the big .NET shops are already using Tangosol, and Microsoft has been extremely supportive of our efforts :-)

Also note that Oracle's acquisition of Tangosol doesn't change our relationship with Microsoft: We will still invest heavily in supporting .NET, and we're moving heavily into the front office as well!