Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Acropolis Shrugged


CAB? Acropolis? CAB? Acropolis? CAB? Acropolis? CAB? Acropolis? CAB? Acropolis?

It looks like Acropolis may be going by the wayside, and the Patterns and Practice Group has decided that, for today, they will refocus on CAB.

This is precisely why we build our own .NET frameworks in my investment bank. Because, we need a high quality framework that has some domain knowledge of what capital markets needs. Goldman, Wachovia and Morgan Stanley have done the same.

And, this time last year, Microsoft came in and tried to get us to adopt CAB, and the week after that, they told us that Acropolis was the new flavor of the day. Thank the lord that we were focused on a mission to build what we wanted and needed, without all of the background noise from Microsoft. (Sorry Joe...)

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