Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Blog Momentum

On December 18th, I looked at my ClustrMap and saw that I had 239 visitors on the previous day. While this is nothing compared to the big blogs out there, it is definitely an improvement from the 30-40 per day that I had last year. I am not sure if my involvement with CEP has anything to do with it, or if it is becoming more well known across the Wall Street community (I believe it's the latter).

The levels of comments have increased too. Also, the number of private emails that I get have also increased, as a lot of you share your opinions about working on Wall Street, evals of CEP vendors, etc.

Some of you wonder if I can get into trouble with my company for the blog. Let me tell you that there are a HUGE number of people from my company who read my blog, not only from the tech side, but from the business side as well. The former CTO of our company was a big blog reader of mine. The CIO of our company has his own internal blog, and I know that people have recommended my blog to him.

Take a look at what other big financial companies are doing with blogs and wikis. Enlightened management at financial institutions will embrace social networking and a more open community, not run scared at the thoughts of what a competitor might pick up from a blog. Wall Street and The City are very close-knit communities, and more information passes between the employees at Lehman and Goldman during Happy Hour than whatever can be revealed from a blog.

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Francis Shanahan said...

I meant to comment on your last post regarding bonuses and blogging but perhaps it's more fitting on this post.

I don't know that you can get "in trouble" but there's definitely a line that needs to be considered around what goes into the blog vs happy hour.

For me, much of my blog at least lately is devoted to Digital Identity and what going on in that space. I think this is actually encouraged as we're trying to establish a mindshare, foster conversation and develop some credibility in this area.

For my book on the other hand, I know this was not encouraged. I had to get all manner of approvals in writing and ensure nothing from work made it into the book. I was also told of one instance where this happened and the person was fired. A number of speaking opportunities came my way which I had to decline for want of mgmt approval.

As for our CIO's blog, I have yet to find the Atom or RSS link to that one ;)

At the end of the day I think common sense must prevail.
Remember, happy hour isn't indexed by Google or TrackBacked ;)

I hope blogging does impact my bonus but I'm not holding my breath.

John Powers said...

I was one of the 30-40, and now am happy to be one of the 239! Your comments on CEP are interesting, but I suspect part of your following is even more interested in your open discussion of enterprise / vendor relations. Keep up the great work.

John Powers