Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Farewell Kaskad

A player in the CEP space, Kaskad, is no more. Colin Clark writes in to say that, since the Boston Stock Exchange (BSX) has ceased to function, Colin had to disband Kaskad. I assume that since Kaskad did the work for the BSX as consultants, the BSX maintained all or most of the IP rights. Or, perhaps, Kaskad felt that since their only client was no longer funding their development, they could not gain further VC money in this financial environment.

According to the Aite report on CEP vendors, Kaskad had 16 employees. Since they are based up in Boston, I wonder if Streambase is looking at adding some additional talent.

Colin is looking for new opportunities in the CEP space, so contact him if you have anything that might interest him. Colin was involved in the old NEON (New Era for Networks) back in the dotcom boom, so he has the entrepreneural streak running through him.

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Anonymous said...

what's his new handle/ the kaskad email just bounced back to me

Colin Clark said...

Hello from Colin Clark.

I can be reached at colpclark at gmail dot com.

Colin Clark said...

Hello from Colin Clark.

I can be contacted at colpclark at gmail dot com.

I am also on the linkedin directory.

One clarification on Marc's post - Kaskad never did consulting per se for the BSE and all rights to the IP remain with myself. That and $4 will get me a Starbucks.


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