Sunday, December 02, 2007

Some Random Comments

1) Go out and see the new Coen Brothers' film, No Country for Old Men. Absolutely startling. I saw it over a week ago, and I still can't stop thinking about it.

2) Please pay careful attention to the Comments section of each post here. Many of the CEP vendors are responding with interesting and important comments.

3) I need to start thinking about a notification framework for the CEP project. Notifications are a bit more complicated in financial firms where Chinese Walls have to exist, and where compliance officers are constantly over your shoulder. It's a good idea to involve the compliance guys right from the start, and to have THEM tell you where the Chinese Walls should be. Nothing will get their attention more that discovering that your prop traders are getting notification about your customer order flow!

4) I just subscribed to Alex's blog. Some interesting posts. Takeaways from skimming through his blog include:

a) I need to narrow down CPU pricing from the CEP vendors. Let's assume quad-core machines.

b) I am more curious about NEsper than I was before.

c) How will Esper and BEA stay in sync? Seems a bit annoying that BEA has seen fit to change some of the syntactic sugar of the original product.

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Hans said...

Hey Marc, I also had some (very) random comments about your posts. I didn't want to type them into the little comments box, so I posted them here:

d onnla said...

No Country For Old Men or Sweeney Todd next weekend. Difficult choice... (posting with space in my name to avoid being googleable forever)