Sunday, December 09, 2007

OpenAdaptor, SQL Server 2005, and Aleri

This posting was made in the interests of any Aleri or OpenAdaptor users who are trying to connect to a named SS2005 instance.

I have multiple "instances" installed of SQL Server 2005. According to the documentation at, this JDBC connection string should have worked:


In Microsoft's JDBC Driver 1.2 for SQL Server 2005, there is a sample Java app called connectURL. With the connection string above, this sample app worked fine, and was able to connect to the RPT instance of my SS2005 database.

However, I could not get OpenAdaptor to work with this connect string. In case you are wondering why I was messing around with OpenAdaptor, it is because this is what Aleri uses for its adapters to external data sources.

After spending several hours this weekend trying to get Aleri to connect to SQL Server using the connection string above, I finally stumbled upon an alternative syntax for the connection string.

The new connection string is:


Notice that the instanceName is specified with a separate parameter.

So, there may be an issue with OpenAdaptor. Or, another theory that I have is that the backslash character in the connection string is being considered as an escape character.

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