Saturday, December 29, 2007

Where are the CEP Customers?

It seems that, lately, every blog posting I make on CEP generates further blog postings from the vendors and the subject-matter experts in the CEP space. It's great to see the CEP blogs become more active, so that I can tap into the collective wisdom of people like Tim, Marco, Mark, etc.

However, where are the postings from other customers? Isn't there someone from Goldman, Lehman, Merrill, etc who wonder about the same things that I do? Or, do these people mainly purchase the pre-packaged algo trading packages that the vendors have to offer.

One thing that was very interesting was the copy of the Aite Group report on Complex Event Processing that somebody had forwarded to me. It seems that most of the CEP companies number their customers in the dozens, rather than the hundreds or thousands. It seems that we are either at the very beginning of the explosive group that Aite predicts, or not many companies are finding a use for CEP, relying instead on their legacy apps to deal with streaming events. Certainly, in my own company, we have hand-written code for the various algo and HFT trading systems, code that I am sure the developers have profiled the hell out of in order to get the max performance. We would be hard pressed to replace this code with a generic CEP system.

If you are a customer or potential customer of CEP, I offer the opportunity to send me private comments at magmasystems at yahoo.

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Tim Bass said...

Hi Marc,

Your question is very timely!

Here are the results of my 2005-2007 survey on CEP/EP reference customers.

Yours faithfully, Tim