Friday, December 07, 2007

Coral8 and Transparency

I just tried to get some info on the Apama Event Processing solution (not their Algo Trading platform,just the simple ESP platform). I filled out a form, and now I have to wait for a Progress sales rep to call to arrange a demo. Even if I want to see an Apama webcast, I need to fill out a form.

Let's contrast this what Coral8 has to offer. Coral8 lets you download the entire developer platform, with all of the documentation included. Everything is included .... there are no important packages that are missing with the eval version. There is no 30-day license key that you have to get. There is no waiting for a salesperson to get in touch. As far as I know, you get everything is ready to go from the time you download the package.

I fail to understand why certain vendors make it so difficult to evaluate a package. In a big financial institution like the one I work for, if you use software in production and this software is not properly licensed and paid for, it is grounds for termination of your job.

Coral8 has the right attitude. Just get it into the hands of as many people as possible as spread the word around.

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